Sharing my experience as an Escort with different type of customers

Posted at 28-04-2020

For the past 4 years, I have been paid for sex. I was a waitress surviving on minimum wage. One of my colleagues suggested I checkout these arrangements that we could have with men and would get paid handsomely. Sometimes I earn 10 times my normal wage in a single day working with Elite Escorts in Amsterdam. Weekends are even more profitable. But my experience with customers has been varied. I like sex and am attracted to older men, so it makes it easier to go out with them or even sleep with them. If they want a nightcap then I charge more. Sometimes I even experience good sex.

Humorous Clients-

I am trying to remember stories with different clients so I can recount them easily. I once had one who was extremely humorous. He was well-off and had enough money but could make great jokes. We would also attend stand-up comedy shows on the side. Soon after that, he started performing as an amateur.

Kinky Sex Lovers-

Then there was Richard. He was a trust fund baby and loved some kink. Mostly I spent nights with him when he was exploring what he liked and what he didn't. He loved it when I tied him up and got crazy when I became a dominatrix. That was some of the best rough sex I had. We would keep going all night and every morning my bank account was a bit more padded.

Demanding for more kind of Couples-

Once I spent the night with a couple as well. They both were interested in a threesome and the wife liked to watch her husband being pleasured. We had group sex and the wife enjoyed equally as the husband. They had tried swinging and then wanted to try a night of pleasure – no stops.

Strict Clients :

In my initial days, I met a client, who was extremely rude. He thought that because he was paying, he could behave in any way. He wasn't respectful and I was about to walk out halfway. Don't ask how much of a fit he threw. All he had to do is get on the floor and sulk like a child. However, I had to stay to service him. I had to be a little strong with him and he came in line. I gave him a good spanking. Wink wink!

Extremely rich and horny at the same time-

Being an escort has also taken me to lavish parties. On private planes and sea-facing villas. Once I was away for the weekend at a mansion that had a water park in the backyard. I had seen many rich businessmen and Hollywood actors. The water park itself was wild. It had all the rides and a large wave pool. There was a bar right in the middle of a pool and you had to swim to get to it. My date was attending, and we shared a room. Mostly I could do anything during the day. But the nights were spent with him. I felt he was lonely and just wanted some physical comfort.

Clients who needs a partner to pacify them

I have also gone on camping and trekking trips. It was refreshing. We had walked along a wild wooded trail and then gone skinny dipping in a stream. He had set up a tent and a bonfire. It was a fun experience and sex in the outdoors was exciting.

Working as an escort with Elite Escorts has brought on so many experiences. There was one guy who had asked for a girlfriend experience. The money was very good. I was talking and messaging him a few weeks before I met him in person. After that, we went out on dates, dinner and movies. That experience was fun while it lasted. But it was starting to get serious, so I stopped it.

The money has been great and because of that, I live comfortably. I have vacationed around the world and seen so much of it. It has been a great experience so far. I am waiting to see what the future holds.