New solutions in pandemic time

Posted at 01-06-2020

The coronavirus pandemic is changing the world.

The unexpected rise and transmission of the virus has put the world in a fix and has strategists working on how to manage economy and save lives. But in the midst of all this chaos and pain, there is also hope. You can see examples of how business owners and normal people have come up with ways to carry on their business while maintaining hygiene rules and distancing.
From exotic dancers to sellers of non-essential items, business owners have adapted and changed to meet the crisis and still find ways to survive. A strip club began offering take away food and the exotic dancers would do a show for people driving through. This way the customers are in their cars and have maintained distance, they get food and also enjoy a show while waiting to get their food. The customers pay an amount to wait and watch the show while the food gets to their car. Earlier they had started Boober eats where topless dancers would deliver food. This means that they have put at least some of the dancers back on the job and they can earn. The performance is in their parking lot so cars can manoeuvre around and get to see the show.
Then there are other examples where sellers of non-essential items realised the demand for other things and decided to pursue selling those. For example, there was an instance of a shop owner who sold clothes. When the pandemic happened, his business closed down. But then he realised that there was a high demand for masks. He started manufacturing masks and now has a local business up and running.
In another instance, a restaurant, which is a place where many people congregate, is also able to maintain hygiene and social distancing norms.Tables are placed along the walls and there are glass coverings on all side except the front where the servers can come in with food. This might look like a drastic step, but it meets medical and government regulations. The restaurant can be back in business and earn.
A London restaurant was converted into a grocery immediately within hours so they could see idle inventory. Restaurants have a supply chain, and any have used it to sell groceries instead of selling prepared food at the restaurant. Also, with many not able to open due to social distancing regulations, selling groceries is a good way to make ends meet and more.
The world is changing and after the pandemic, things will be different. It is different now and, in the future, it will be more evident. There will be a huge focus on hygiene and health. Proper care will be taken in various sectors and industries to ensure that hygiene, cleanliness and strict regulations are followed. No more will people shake hands without sanitizing and masks will are already mandatory. Every time you step out you will have to wash and sanitize hands. The places you visit will have to be cleaned and sanitized.
Industries employing sex workers will have to metamorphose just like the drive through that offered exotic dances. Ingenious ideas, maintenance of regulations and perseverance is what will make the industry enduring. As most workers have to interact intimately with other workers, like in porn movies or peep shows, or have to be intimate with clients, such as call girls or escorts. Hence personal hygiene will play a huge role here. That's the reason people always prefer going for high profile escort from agencies like Elite Escorts in Amsterdam where hygiene, professionalism and care for client is their main motto.
Amsterdam escorts have always worked with agencies who have stressed on health and hygiene. Escorts come from all walks of life, but they need to have an image and present themselves in such a way that is neat and good looking. After all it isn't just sex they offer. Client don't book escorts for just sex. That sexual need can be fulfilled by other sex workers too. Escorts are booked for their etiquette, presentation, conversation skills and manners. They need to present an image that is liked by the client and many professional escorts are good at this.
Escorts working with an agency like Elite Agency are a good option compared to other sex workers who interact directly with clients.

Here are the reasons:
• A reputed agency takes care of their girls.
• They mandate health check-ups.
• The escorts are highly professional and maintain high standards of cleanliness and hygiene.
• Escorts in Amsterdam visit the client at their choice of place. And with public places closed, it can be a comfortable hotel room or home.
• You don't have to visit a red-light area which may not be the best thing to do during a pandemic or even just after the pandemic gets over.
• Escorts are trained in pleasing the client in various ways and even if you cannot do certain things, to ensure safety, she will leave you satisfied.
• Now because of the virus, there may be certain acts you may not be able to perform. But sex can always be innovative. You could do things andtry positions that maximize pleasure while reducing exposure.
• Sexual stimulation and pleasure can be achieved with talk and visuals. Many escorts are skilled in the art of massage and can make you feel good with words while pffering the best massage .
• You can expect really good hygiene practices from escorts who come from a reputed mediatic agency like Beauty Escorts.
• As the pandemic moves on, there will be many who look for emotional satisfaction and mental stimulation along with sex. Escorts are the only ones who can provide all of this as a complete package.
• They are good at talking, listening and overall being interested in what you have to say. They will make you feel good.
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