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Escorts from a good agency like Elite Escorts work towards making sure that the clients are satisfied. Even the agency tries to match the client and his desires with an escort who would be in a position to satisfy him. Escorts can be experienced in different areas or be interested in performing certain things to satisfy clients. Not all women or escorts will be ok with everything. For example, some can be fine with BDSM, some can agree to other fetishes. Kinky sex is a personal choice, so not all women may be ok with it. But if you are looking for girls offering fetish sex in Amsterdam, then do try Elite Escorts.

Our escorts will fulfil your sexual fantasies and more.

Sexual fetishes are finding more acceptance as a normal way for fulfilling sex. Fetishes can involve sexual fixation on a non-genital part or non-living object which can be used during sex for pleasure. The object of any person's interest can be a fetish. Sexual fantasies can be something that varies from normal sex. When we say normal sex, it means vanilla sex. A fantasy could involve role play, and it's something that a person wants to do or try, could be extraordinary or different and hasn't been done by that person before.

Fetish sex escorts specialize in fetishes and are fine with most fantasies. If you are looking for companionship in Amsterdam with an escort and have specific fantasies, then Elite Escorts can help fulfil them. In order to better understand fantasies and fetishes, here are a few examples of both that are popular in the world.

Sexual fantasies , Fetish Escort Amsterdam

Humans are sexual beings and as such have sexual thoughts. Sexual fantasies are thoughts that allow one pleasure. For example, you thinking about someone while masturbating is using the fantasy for pleasure. Here are a few common fantasises that people may have – oral sex, threesome, BDSM, anal sex, domination, exhibitionism, taboo sex, bisexual fantasies and role playing. People may also think about sleeping with someone else, although they don't actually do it. Pegging, sensory deprivation, voyeurism, cosplay and sex at unusual locations can also be fantasies that turn someone on.

Fetishes offerd by Amsterdam Escorts

Fetishes aren't abnormal and can be favoured by any person. Be it married couples, seniors or people who want to hookup, many everyday couples are interested in it and trying it. Fetishes can range from simple things like sex in front of a mirror to something like a latex fetish, where latex objects such as costumes made of latex can turn one or both partners on. Some have feet fetish and the very thought of feet touching their genitals can arouse them and even lead to an orgasm. Here is a list of some fetishes that are popular.

Body piercing – This involves arousal through any kind of body piercings, from eyebrows, naval to nipples. People who have piercings in provocative places are aroused by those who have piercings as well. The cold metal rubbing against their body makes them hot.

Display and voyeurism – This has to with getting aroused while looking at others having sex or having sex at a public place. Although sex at public places can be risky, there are other means to satisfy this fetish.

Foot fetishism – Foot fetish is quite common and people get off on feet. Feet are considered like a holy object and worshipped by kissing, massaging and caressing it. People having this could want feet shoved in their mouth or may want the other to walk over them.

Other fetishes :

Ponytails and braids

Group sex

Attraction to old women

Being tickled


Sucking on nose

Arousal by urine

Arousal by mannequins




Impact play

Shibari or Kinbaku

Attraction to hands

Fetish can be for many things and there is no limited list that has it all. Every person is unique and they can have various fantasies or fetishes. In such scenarios you need someone who is accepting of them. Elite Escort Amsterdam can help you in finding fetish sex in Amsterdam. The escort girls are very professional and well trained to deal with all clients.

Elite Escorts can help you meet the right woman with whom you can experiment or enjoy sensuous moments the way you want. Our escorts are quite accommodating, whatever be your fantasy or fetish. Do contact our agency to know more, the phone number that you can reach us 27/7 by calling or whatt's app +31644881403 .

What to expect from fetish escort service Amsterdam ?

You need to make a booking with us for fetish sex girl Amsterdam. When you book with us make it clear that you have certain fetishes and we will match you with the escort for is experienced and versed in such interactions. The more details you give about your requirements, the better will we be able to match you. Do follow our rules for booking.

Our escorts are specialised in such services and will do their best to meet your requirements. However, clients must be respectful of them as well.

Our escorts will be prepared with what you want and understand the ways in which you will find pleasure. They come ready to make your evening fun.

You may want a massage, want role play or like rubbing the woman's feet; she will be ready for that and let you do what you want. In fact, she may even introduce you to something new which you may like.

Lastly, everyone has certain boundaries. And although we try to match you with an escort who will do everything that she is comfortable with, to make your evening fun and as expected. However, if they don't want to do something please respect that.

An experienced escort can make your night wonderful and you will find that your fetishes or fantasies can come true! Fantasies and fetishes can spice up sex life and if you want to experiment some, then do try our escorts. Whether you are a newbie wanting to try a fetish or someone who wants a fantasy to come true, our best escorts in Amsterdam will help you realise them. Or if you are experienced and want someone to enjoy sex with, do try our escorts as well.

Get the best escort girl and make your fetish desire true in Amsterdam !

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