FAQ About Elite Escort Service Amsterdam

Posted at 24-05-2020

Why to hire escorts from Elite Escorts Amsterdam ?

- We are a reputable escort agency that operate in Amsterdam and all Holland for 5 years ,during this time we put the needs of our costumers like priority and we have been very careful to deliver pure quality at very competitive price ! Our elite escorts have been selected because of they're skills ! They are not only beautiful dolls for sexual satisfaction! We like to work with lady's that have brain and know how to use it ! They have to speak fluent at least 2 languages, they have to be well educate and know haw to behave in different situations and circumstances , the lady's that join our team have to be flexible and to enjoy the job and the company of our costumers and to make them feel confident , positive and pleasured ! When you will ask for hotel outcall our escort girls ,will do it with maximum discreetness and if you worry about haw they will be dressed and if they know haw to handle the reception stuff , rest assured ! The outfit of the lady's is always clean , elegant and nothing about jeans , too short dress or cheap “street look” you hire Elite Escorts and when we say Elite we mean it ! No one will make the difference from a business woman and a High class Escort ! We have clients all over the world that hire escorts when in Amsterdam for any type of event :dinner dates , night out with business partners, erotic massage , city tour guide , role play session ,strip show , duo experience , night club vip show ! This stunning lady's love what they do , and we gurantee maximum satisfaction! When you just need 1-2 hours booking at hotel Amsterdam or near Airport we are fast and can serve all in around 35-40 min , in that situation call us right the way and don't set a booking online because we can be busy and miss your mail !
-Are the girls tasted for sexual diseases?
Like you know already , if not ,you find out now , in Amsterdam prostitution is legal and very well handled for many years ! The Amsterdam government have some strict rules for sex workers and being checked every 6 months is mandatory ! We can prove that all the girls that are working with us are register ,legal and have all
The tests!
- What is included in the rate ?
In our website we have 2 categories of lady's and they have different prices but all provide the same services ! In 1 hour rate 180 euros or 250 euros you have the next services included : small erotic massage (5-10 min ) , oral sex with condom , normal sex with condom! The transportation is also included in the fee ! The condoms , oil, cream are always provided by the lady ! Please never ask the lady for sex without condom , this is strict prohibiting and if the client can not understand this the lady will go right the way ! In case the client gets aggressive the stuff of
The hotel and the police will be informed right the way ! Some lady's provide extra services but this in between you and her ! Never force any escort to do something that she don't wants !
-What details we need to fix a booking ?
In the moment you call us or fix a booking online you shut know the details of your location , we gone need name hotel , room number , your name and your phone number ! We can not send a lady over without a correct name or room number and we ask your phone number only in case the lady can not reach your room ! There is nothing to worry about when you share your details because we have very strict privacy policy! After the meeting the details are deleted and in case you want to order the second day you have to provide them again , we Never store the details of our clients !
- Haw she /they will manage to come to your room when the elevator requires a key card? !
Welcome to Amsterdam ! All the hotels in Amsterdam have keycard for elevators and this is for protection and safety! Haw long time we have your room number and your name the reception will allow the girl to visit you ,but before they will just check if the details are correct(because they don't want to disturb the wrong person ) and they will give you a phone call in your room to have your permission to send the lady up !At some htels you have to come down and meet the lady in that case we gone inform you with in 3 min before her arrval! To have visits in your room is perfect normal and reception stuff don't care what you do and how come to visit you , they are there just to help any client !
- When the time starts ?
The time starts after you pay the escort ! You pay for 1 hour so don't rush because you have plenty of time and you can have sex only 1 time .... yes you read well 1 time sex /cum in 1 hour ! In Amsterdam the escort are protected and is a law that say that so all the agency use this rule ! But you also have bj and you can touch the lady and play before the sexual act ! Are so much ways to enjoy ! Don't forget to don't use drugs during your mettting or to much alcohol and treat the lady's with respect ! The much you give the more you get ,that s for sure !

Thank you for reading our very important article !