Escort terminology and Extra Services at Elite Escort Amsterdam

Posted at 15-05-2020

  • What services are included in the basic rate ?
    In the rate of 180 euros or 250 euros for high class escorts you have the next services : small erotic massage for the start , when we say that we deliver top quality escort service we mean it , so our lady's will not come in your room and after ask for the money they will go for sex right the way like street sex workers ! They always have a oil for massage and the session will start sensual and in a erotic atmosphere with a massage , which we consider very important! We don't like rush and we consider that clients and girls need a accommodation time to initiate the sexual act !
    -Blow job or oral sex is the other included service and is made only with condom! Is true that some clients hate condoms and they don't fully enjoy the BJWC (blow job with Condom ) but we encourage save sex even for oral ! In case the girl agree with The costumer about Blow job without a condom is the decisions of 2 adults ! Are lady's that offer for a extra charge oral without condom and the price for that is usually around 100 euros on top of normal rate !
    - Intercourse is also included in the rate fee of 180 euros and Ofcourse only using a condom, I will repeat just to be clear , the normal sexual act will be made using a condom Always. Well now here is other question that most of the clients will have “Haw many time I can cum in 1 hour /Haw many shots ?” Is 1 time , you can have sex in different positions even doggy style but in 1 hour you are allowed to cum once's ! “Why ? And if I cum fast ? Because when you hire a escort ,first you pay for her time and then for sex ! We at we want to believe that the lady will not be associated with a sex machine and either the clients ! For us a pleasurable time means more then having sex like dogs without a felling ! In case where the clients are very nervous and they cum in the first 2-5 minutes without a sexual act then is the possibility to talk and agree with the lady for a second time but will be for a extra charge around 50 euros ! The rule of 1 time shot in 1 hour is used in all Netherlands from all sex providers !
    - Transportation of the lady to your hotel in centrum of Amsterdam , airport Schiphol area or anywhere in Amsterdam is included in the rate , condoms as well !
    If you thing you get less for what you pay please read again this part , and if your opinion did not change then you are free to look forward to other escort agency more cheap and hoping for the top level escort babes and services that we provide !

  • - What extra services the lady's provide and haw I know which one to choose?
    All people are different , if some enjoy a erotic massage and a normal sex act , some will like to go for more and try a GfE or PSE or even BDSM ! You have No ideea what I'm saying ,right ? So we gone start with a small dictionary for terms that are used in sex industry, like this you will know what to chose !
    DFK - deep French kissing , the kissing with a open mouth and using the tongue.
    GFE - girl friend experience, is like being with your girl friend includes cuddling, kissing ,touching , for play , oral, blow jobs and penetration. Most of the romantic clients are asking for GFE and is around 100 euros Extra !
    PSE - porno star experience, is kind of GFE but more dirty and more false we said , and Ofcourse a way more expensive! Only because you watch porn and there is a movie with real actors and there you saw haw “real sex” is , that do not mean you can find a girl that type .... our lady's don't provide PSE !
    OWO - is oral without using a condom , because most of the clients hate latex and some are even allergic, the top babes will ask 100 euros extra for such a extra service ,please check with the operator as not all the lady's offer OWO!
    Threesome - sex with 2 woman's ! In times when need some spicy to pamper your sexual life , men want to try sex with 2 hot escorts ! The rate for this services is 350 euros and the escorts will focus on you to fully enjoy !
    Ro -reverse oral , is when men's like to “eat pussy” and they do it very well !
    A level - is the meaning for anal sex , this special services is the most expensive around 200 euros extra on top of normal
    Rate , but clients who try they get crazy about ! A round ,firm ,thigh ass is all what they dream about !
    CIM or BBBJC blow job to completion - is when the client want to Cum in the moth of the escort , this is a rare service and is expensive as well ,around 200-250 euros extra !
    COB - when he want to ejaculate on the hot body of the escort .
    FJ - foot job or foot fetish ,stimulation of the penis using the feet's!
    GS - golden shower - when partner get pleasure while you urinate on him
    SM- sadomasochism , when the client get pleasure while the lady use torture ,(sadism and masochism )
    BDSM -bondage,Discipline ,Domination-is the same like Sm ,the mistress will use special toys and sexual practices to provide pleasure to the client. The clients that like Sm they have a attraction for pain on the genital area, and this type of pain excite them and give them full pleasure !
    Most of the terms and services presented here are extra charge and not all the lady are able to provide all the services ! Please check with the escort agency and inform them about your sexual demands , they will be able to recommend you a list with girls that will provide the services that you are looking for ! Even if is your first time tring a new experience, the receptionist is there to help you find the suitable call girl for you ! Fell free to explain them all your wishes and fantasy, we do our best to offer top escort service and during this 6 years while we are in the business we never disappointed any client !

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