Do & Don’t when you hire Elite Escorts in Amsterdam

Posted at 10-05-2020

If is your First time when you are using escort service in Amsterdam please read first our FAQs article , gone be very helpful and will answer most of your questions ! And if is not your first time asking for outcall call girls while in Amsterdam you Shut know that for a great time you have to respect some common “rules” of behavior!
Maybe you had Escorts in other country like Germany ,Switzerland,Italy , Uk, Belgium , you have to know that in Amsterdam the rules are different and having hotel escorts is totally allowed! We and the girls pay taxes for the services that we offer so being a escort in Amsterdam is kind of “normal “ job !

What escort girls like – Do –

-always treat the lady with respect ,this is the first step to a nice time together
– when she arrive in your room is always nice to ask her if she will like to have a drink , you don't have to order champagne if you don't want or your are not in the mood but have some fresh water and a clean glass for her /them always.
– pay her the amount necessary so she can inform the stuff that the payment have been made
– You can take 5-10 min from the time and try to know eachater more and have a conversation . – explain to
the escort what are the services that you want and if she fell comfortably with that
– some services are extra charge by the lady and is necessary to talk with her about
– have a shower and “fresh up” before the lady arrive , to be clean is very important
– always have a clean towel for the lady , after the session ends the lady will take a shower , so please be careful to have for care shower gel and clean towels!
– offer her a tip on the end if you had a nice time and a smile !

What Escort Girls don't like Dont's

– don't use to much alcohol or drugs when you invite a lady over
– don't show up a arrogant behavior , you paid for her services you don't buy her so she is not your property or slave
– don't ask her why she is doing this job or private details about her life and her family
– don't force her to do something that she don't like or agree before hand ,in this case the reception of the hotel will be informed right the way and the authority.
– don't touch her phone or purse never If the lady's don't feel save because you are aggressive ,arrogant , to drunk or demanding they will inform us right the way and have the rights to leave without a refund !!
– don't wait the lady naked
– don't force the Lady to use alcohol or drugs and never try to put “something” In her drink
– Don't tell her that Escort in UK or Germany is diffrent and you want that way , like we inform you already in Amsterdam is diffrent and you have to respect that rules for a great time !
– don't make pictures or video to the lady's – the appointment will be canceled and we gone inform
The authority because is prohibited to make pictures !

That being said ,respecting this rules will lead your booking to a great one !