Alessia and her fulfilled dreams in Amsterdam

Posted at 29-04-2020

Alessia was all of twenty-one when she needed to leave home and come to the Netherlands. She came from Ukraine which had seen years of strife and unrest and was now one of the poorer countries in the European Union. Her family had been living around Chernobyl and when disaster struck, they were forced to leave everything behind and move. Once she was born, she witnessed a civil unrest and two revolutions. Her family was trying to make ends meet by working on a farm, but they passed away in a tragic accident. She was the lone survivor.
She somehow managed to make it to Amsterdam hoping for a job so she could support herself. She looked for jobs but could find nothing that would pay her enough to manage her rent, food and other expenses. Then one day she found an ad from Elite Escorts and went to meet them. As she was waiting for her interview, she met a few girls who were there at the site. As she spoke, she realised that they were escorts. But with their dressing and looks, no one could tell that. They were dressed well with impeccable makeup and an air of confidence. They looked so beautiful that she found herself wanting to be them just for a moment.
Her wish came true soon enough. She interviewed with the agency and she was hired. She had often been complimented on her looks and the local lads would vie for her attention. Now her looks had gotten her a job. A job that could pay her bills. But she had a secret. She hadn't been intimate with any stranger and she was quite nervous. But then she met Alec.
It was her third assignment and she had to be his date at a charity auction in the city. Her date would pick her up from the agency office. There wasn't any mention of spending the night. That evening Alec arrived. All of six feet with broad shoulders and grey eyes. His longish dark hair was gelled and combed back. He had this intense look about him and Alessia couldn't stop staring at him.
She had dressed up for the night. Buying a nice dress from her allowance and getting makeup done with the help of Heli, a fellow escort. She couldn't be picked up from her apartment as it wasn't in the best neighbourhood, so she requested the pickup from the agency's office. Heli came running in 10 minutes later and announced that the car was there. She went out and the driver opened the door for her. The car was luxurious and when she sat inside, she saw Alec.
She was speechless for a minute and then she smiled at him. He returned her smile and introduced himself. They made small talk till they got to the venue. And then they entered the ballroom. She felt like she was drawn to him and he seemed to be so in tune with her that he could understand what she wanted before she could be vocal about it. After making rounds she felt thirsty and before she could ask him, Alec stopped a waiter to grab two glasses of champagne. She was thankful for the drink. She felt this attraction towards Alec even when they didn't talk. That night he just asked to kiss her when he dropped her back. And she allowed him because she wanted it too.
Soon after that, Alec wanted to meet her regularly and he paid for it to the agency. On one occasion when he couldn't get her because she was booked for another client, he got angry and then paid one year's fee for a date with her everyday. She didn't know he was so rich, but she liked him. A lot.
They went for dates almost every week and then the frequency increased to daily dates. So far, he had just kissed her, but her body buzzed every time he was near, and she wanted him to do much more. She wanted to touch him.
One day he took her out for a picnic, and they shared little sandwiches with petit fours and some wine. The sun was shining, and they were under a tree. He held her hand, kissed it. But then she decided to take over and she sat on his lap, taking his lips with hers. She kissed him with passion and took his hands in hers. She pressed it against her chest,when he felt up her nipples. She shivered and that seemed to spur him on. He fondled her and kissed her harder. They were shaded by trees and the bushes around them, so he took it a step further and opened up her blouse. He sucked and licked her nipples. Then rubbed her clit. She relieved herself of her panties and unzipped him. She pulled out his cock and gently rubbed him. He groaned. She straddled him and pushed down on his erect cock. That seemed to wake Alec up and he held her hips hard. He thrust up as she pushed down. Her breasts jiggled against his face and he bit her there, eliciting a whimper from her. That day she knew that exhibitionism turned him on, and she loved that.
Their meetings increased and they kept hanging out a lot more, just short of living with each other. Their sex life was hot. She loved spanking and he loved a little role play.
One day they were out in a movie theatre, waiting outside. She saw a toddling boy laughing and being chased by hismother. It brought tears to her eyes and Alec immediately noticed. She confided in him that after losing her family she wanted to make a family with a man. A family to call her own. That evening he fingered her in the dark theatre and made sweet love to her at night.
In the morning she woke up to a breakfast in bed. As soon as she removed the cover on one plate she gasped. There was a ring and Alec was on his knees. He asked to marry him, and she couldn't be happier. She said yes!
They had met because of Elite Escort agency and now she was beginning a new life. Her friends, especially Heli at the agency was super excited for her. She invited all of them at her wedding. After all, they were like family to her. Even after she wed, she kept in touch with Heli. Today Alessia is a mother of three chubby children and her life is complete in happiness.